Customize workbook page visibility (Beta)


This is a public beta feature that’s subject to quick, iterative changes. As a result, the latest product version may differ from the contents of this document.

By default, workbook pages are visible to all users with permission to view, explore, or edit the workbook. You can change the visibility of individual pages to restrict access to specific workbook content.

This document describes Sigma’s page visibility options and explains how to customize the visibility of a particular page.

User requirements

To customize page visibility, you must be the workbook owner or be granted Can edit workbook permission.

Page visibility options

Sigma features three page visibility options:

Hide page from all usersHides page from all users when the workbook is open in View or Explore mode.
Show page to all users
Shows page to all users when the workbook is open in any mode.
Only show to select users or teamsShows page to select users and teams when the workbook is open in any mode. Hides page from unselected users when the workbook is open in View or Explore mode.


Page visibility settings apply to View and Explore mode only. The workbook owner and all users with Can edit access to the particular workbook can access all pages in Edit mode, regardless of page visibility settings.

Workbook versions and user-backed embeds

Tagged versions

Tagged workbook versions inherit the page visibility settings saved to the workbook when the tag is applied. Therefore, a page can be accessible to a user in one version and hidden from the same user in another version.

User-backed embeds

Page visibility in user-backed embeds is determined by team settings. A page is only visible to an embed user when shown to the user’s assigned team (via Show page to all users or Show only to select users or teams).


When a user-backed embed user saves a copy of an embedded workbook, all pages are visible in the copy, regardless of page visibility settings in the original workbook.

Customize page visibility

  1. Open a workbook in Edit mode.

  2. Locate the page tab for the page you want to customize.

  3. Click the caret () in the tab to open the page menu, then select Customize page visibility.

  4. In the Customize Page Visibility modal, update the page visibility:

    1. Click the Page visibility setting field and select an option from the dropdown:

      • Hide page from all users
      • Show page to all users
      • Only show to select users or teams
    2. If you selected Only to select users or teams in step 4a, use the Select users field to search for and select applicable users and teams.

    3. Click Set to apply the page visibility changes.

    An icon displays in the page tab depending on the visibility setting:

    no iconVisible to all users
    Visible to select users or teams
    Hidden from all users