Tables are a subset of workbook data elements.

Their spreadsheet-like interface allows for structuring and manipulation of data in a familiar environment. Tables support much of a traditional spreadsheet's functionality, like creating calculations and applying filters and formats. They also support a variety of other features such as data grouping and summaries.

Summary of Content

Create a Table
Table Concepts
       Columns, not Cells
       Groups and Groupings
Add a Column & Apply a Formula
      Add a New Column
      Create a Calculation
Create a Group
Collapse and Expand Groups
Create Row Subtotals
Create a Summary
Expand to Focus View
Column Formatting
       Apply Basic Visual Formatting to a Column
       Apply Conditional Formatting
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  • To create or edit a data element, you must have Can Edit access to the individual workbook.
  • Some exploratory actions are also supported with Can Explore access.

Create a Table

Tables and other data elements can be created via the PAGE ELEMENTS section of your workbook's editor panel or directly from an existing data element