Data Modeling In Sigma

Data modeling can be performed in Sigma using a document type referred to as datasets. Sigma’s datasets offer a flexible way to build centralized data definitions and guide data exploration. Sigma balances administrative control with the freedom to find, add, and trust new data. Datasets function as sources of data for workbooks.

Workbooks built on datasets will inherit all changes to the underlying dataset. The benefit of creating a workbook from a dataset is that there is then a single data source that people can build from in a way that ensures that metrics will always be calculated the same way. If there are changes to the calculations, they just need to be updated in the dataset, and all worksheets built on it will inherit that change.  

Intro to Data Modeling

Best Practices

Modeling Data

Annotate Tables

Create Datasets

Configure Columns

Add Links

The Dataset Worksheet

Join Data

Sharing and Permissions

Permission Types

Share a Dataset

Modify or Revoke Access

Respond to Request for Access to Content

Advanced Modeling

Examine Dataset Queries

Dataset Lineage

Edit Warehouse Data from Sigma

Dataset Warehouse Views

Dataset Materialization