Schedule exports to Google Sheets or Drive

You can schedule exports to a Google sheet or drive.

Sigma generates exports from the workbook's latest published version. Drafted changes are not exported.


  • To use this feature, you must:
    • Be a Creator or Admin or be assigned a custom account type with the appropriate permissions.
    • Have Can Edit or Can Explore access to the individual workbook.
    • A Google account with write access to Sheets or Drive.

Sheets vs Drive

To rewrite over the same Sheet each time the schedule runs, schedule an export to Google Sheets.

To create a new Sheet every time your report is exported, schedule an export to Google Drive.

Google account authorization

The first time you schedule an export to Google Sheets, Sigma prompts you to authorize Sigma to export to your Google account.


Click Authorize and follow the instructions on your screen.

After completing authorization, Sigma returns to theΒ scheduler modal.

Schedule exports to Google Sheets

Exports to Google Sheets overwrite the same sheet each time the schedule runs.

To schedule exports to Google Sheets:

    1. From the workbook header menu (β–Ό) select Schedule exports.Β 
      The Schedule Exports modal opens.
    2. If this is the workbook's first schedule, click Add Schedule.
      If one or more schedules already exist, click + New schedule.
      A New schedule form opens. The Destination defaults to Email.
    3. Enter a Schedule Name.
    4. Change the Destination to Google Sheets.
      If this is the first time you've created a scheduled export to Google, Sigma prompts you to enable the integration. See Google account authorization.
      Sigma updates the modal to show the Google Sheets configuration.
    5. In the Google Sheet URL field, enter the URL of your target Google sheet. Use the browser URL for the sheet, NOT its Share link:
    6. Select the attachment from the Attachment dropdown.
    7. Set the delivery schedule.
      • For Repeat by, select a schedule option:Β Day/Week, Month or Custom.
      • From the Timezone, select a time zone.
      • Setting a schedule's frequency depends on the Repeat by selection.
        • Day/Week: pick the schedule's day or days of the week (On days), how often on a day (Occurrence) and time of day (At).
        • Month: Select the Day of month (1-31) and time (At).
        • Custom: Enter a raw cron string value. For more information see Set up a custom delivery schedule.
    1. (Optional) Select one or more workbook controls to apply to the exported content. ForΒ more information see Apply control values to scheduled reports.
      • In the search box below Controls, search for and select the control by control ID.
      • Select the control value(s) to apply to to scheduled export.
      • Repeat this step to add additional controls.
    2. (Optional) Select your preferred send conditions. For more information see Schedule exports using conditions.
    3. Click Create Schedule.

Schedule exports to Google Drive

Exports to Google Drive create a new sheet every time the report is exported. Sheets are saved in a folder dedicated to the individual export.

To schedule exports to Google Drive:

  1. Follow steps 1-3 above, the same as for exporting to a Google sheet.
  2. Change the Destination to Google Drive.
    Sigma updates the modal to show the Google Drive configuration.
  3. In the Google Drive Folder name field, enter a name for a new folder where you want the export to go.
    Every export creates a new Google Sheet in the destination folder.
    Sigma names each sheet according to the following structure:
    <Timestamp> - <Sigma Document Name>
  4. Click Create Folder.Β 
    Sigma creates the new folder for you and displays the URL to the folder.
  5. Follow steps 6-10 above, the same as for exporting to a Google sheet.