Analyze data using spreadsheets and visualizations to tell data stories your way.

Workbook Basics

Workbooks: An Overview

Workbook Modes: View, Explore, and Edit

Workbook Lifecycle: Explore, Draft & Publish

Create a Workbook or Exploration

Data Value Types

Intro to Element Types

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Data Elements

Intro to Data Elements

Create a Data Element

Maximize or Minimize a Data Element

View Column Details

Custom Date Formatting

Upload CSVs

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Tables and Pivot Tables

Working with Grouping Tables

Working with Pivot Tables

Pivot Table Subtotals

Add Hyperlinks to Columns


Intro to Visualizations

Visualization Data Labels

Visualization Reference Marks

Customize Visualization Tooltips

Add Trend Lines

Custom Sort Visualizations

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Visualization Types

Build a Bar Chart

Build a Line Chart

Build a Scatter Plot

Build a Sankey Diagram (Beta)

Build a Funnel Chart

Build a Gauge Chart

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Controls & Data Manipulation

Intro to Control Elements

Workbook Parameters

Data Element Filters

Explore Visualization Drill Paths

Create Synced Controls (Beta)

Hidden Controls in Workbooks

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UI Elements

Intro to UI Elements

Text Elements

Create a One-Click Download Button

Send, Schedule and Export

Send and Schedule Workbooks

Send a Workbook to Email

Send Slack Notifications

Schedule Exports to Google Sheets or Drive

Apply Control Values to Scheduled Reports

Conditionally Scheduled Reports

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Drafts & Publishing

Editing, Drafts & Publishing

Ad hoc Data Exploration

Workbook Version History


Workbook Live Edit

Share a Workbook

Workbook Comments

Input Tables (Beta)

Input Table Data Editing for Explorers (Beta)

Input Tables (Beta)


Get Started with Templates

Create Workbooks from Templates

Create and Edit Templates

Share Workbook Templates

Snowflake Usage Templates

Workbook Security

User Attributes

Examine SQL Queries

Examine SQL Queries (Workbooks)

Write Custom SQL