Analyze data using spreadsheets and visualizations to tell data stories your way.

Workbook Basics

Workbooks overview

Workbook settings

Workbook modes overview: View, Explore, Edit

Workbook lifecycle: explore, draft, and publish

Compose elements on a page

Use a workbook in Explore mode

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Workbook Elements

Intro to Element Types

Customize element background

Customize element title

Copy and paste elements

Define custom date formats

Data Elements

Intro to data elements

Create a data element

View Column Details

Maximize or minimize a data element

Create and manage workbook warehouse views

Create and edit period-over-period analysis

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Tables and Pivot Tables

Create and manage tables

Working with Pivot Tables

Wrap text

Pivot Table Subtotals

Add Hyperlinks to Columns

Extract semi-structured JSON or variant data


Intro to visualizations

Format chart legend

Customize chart mark tooltip fields

Create and format trellis charts

Visualization Data Labels

Visualization Reference Marks

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Visualization Types

Build a bar chart

Build a line chart

Build a KPI chart

Build a scatter plot

Build a Sankey diagram

Build a funnel chart

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Input Tables

Intro to input tables

Create and manage input tables

Edit existing input table columns

Create AI-enhanced input tables (Beta)

UI Elements

Intro to UI Elements

Create a one-click action button

Text Elements

Use your organization's plugins

Controls & Data Manipulation

Intro to Control Elements

Duplicate controls

Synced controls

Drill down control

Segmented control

Top N Filter

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Drafts & Publishing

Create a workbook

Edit, draft, and publish a workbook

Ad hoc data explorations

Workbook versions and version history

Send, Schedule, and Export

Send and schedule exports from workbooks

Send a workbook export to email recipients

Send Slack notifications

Schedule exports to Google Sheets or Drive

Export a workbook to cloud storage (Beta)

Webhook exports (Beta)

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Annotate element images as comments

Workbook collaboration with Live Edit

Share a Folder

Share a workbook

Badging: Endorse, Warn, and Deprecate

Workbook comments


Get started with workbook templates

Create workbooks from templates

Create and edit workbook templates

Share workbook templates

Share templates with different orgs

HubSpot Campaign Creator template

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Workbook Security

Column-Level Security (Beta)

User Attributes

Examine SQL Queries

Caching and data freshness

Examine SQL queries (Workbooks)

Write custom SQL

Set a query ID cache duration