Aggregate and look up data in a second workbook data element.

To learn how to apply the Lookup and Rollup functions without directly using the formula bar, visit Add Columns via Lookup.


Rollup(formula, local key 1..., external key 1..., local key 2..., external key 2..., ...)

formula [required] The formula to compute (or the target column to reference) for the row in the target element

local key [required] The column to use as a join key in the local data element

external key [required] The column to use as a join key in the target data element


Example #1

Rollup(Sum([Sales Amounts/Sales Amount]), [Order Number], [Sales Amounts/Order Number])

Data is inserted into the Orders table’s [Calc] column from Sales Amount table’s [Sales Amount] column. 

The function’s formula parameter uses the Sum function to aggregate values from the Sales Amount table’s [Sales Amount] column.

These two tables are joined using a single set of join keys: Orders’ [Order Number] column is joined with Sales Amounts’ [Order Name] column.


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