Returns the index at which a substring is first found within a given string. If the substring is not found, the result is 0.


Find(string, substring)

string (required) The text to search.

substring (required) The text to search with.

NOTE: Find is case-sensitive. To create a search that is no case sensitive, you can combine Find with Lower.


Find("milk+cookies", "cook")
  • Returns 6
  • The string “cook” starts on the 6th letter.
Find("milk+cookies", "chocolate milk")
  • Returns 0 because the substring is not found.
Find("Abe Lincoln", "lincoln") = 0
  • Returns 0 because the substring is not found. Find is case-sensitive
Find(“San Francisco County”, “ “)
  • Returns 4 because Find searches from left to right and returns the first instance of the substring.

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