The Replace function searches through a input string for a substring and replaces every instance of it with a replacement string.

This is useful for standardizing alternative abbreviations and names, fixing common misspellings, changing one delimiter for another, and selectively removing particular substrings.


Replace(string, substring, replacement)

string (required)- String to be searched and modified.

substring (required)- Substring to be found and replaced.

replacement (required)- String to replace the substring.



Replace("SF County","SF","San Francisco")
  • Returns: "San Francisco County"


Replace("File Name"," ","")
  • Returns: "FileName"
  • Using an empty string as your replacement string allows you to remove every instance of the substring


[Order Replaced] = Replace(Replace([Order Manual], "Cold Slaw", "Cole Slaw"),
"Ice Tea", "Iced Tea")
  • Returns:

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