Test if a value matches any value in a subsequent list of values. Returns True if the first value matches any of the subsequent values. Returns False if no values are matched.


In(value, candidate 1,[candidates 2+])

value (required) The value to test.

candidate 1 (required) The candidates to test value against. You must supply at least one candidate.

candidates 2+ (optional) You can supply additional candidates to test against.


In("green", "red", "green", "blue")
  • Returns True.
In("yellow", "red", "green", "blue")
  • Returns False.
In([Customer ID], 2000, 3000, 4000)
  • Returns True for rows where Customer ID is 2000, 3000, or 4000. Returns False for all other rows.
In([Customers], "Customer 1", "Customer 2")
  • Returns True for rows where [Customers] matches “Customer 1” or “Customer 2”. Returns false for all other rows.
In("John Smith", [Customers], [Buyers])
  • Returns True for rows where “John Smith” appears in either the Customers or the Buyers columns.
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