Maximize or Minimize a Data Element

When viewing, exploring, or editing a workbook, all data elements are minimized by default to display multiple elements in the canvas. You can maximize any data element to focus on its details and explore the underlying data. 

When a visualization or pivot table is maximized, it expands to the full width of the workbook page and displays the element's underlying data table. Because the element and underlying data are inherently linked, changes applied to one are automatically reflected in the other.

When a grouping table is maximized, it expands to fill the entire workbook page. The underlying data doesn't need to be displayed in an additional table since it's already exposed in the grouping table itself.

Note: Data elements can be maximized in any workbook mode (View, Explore, or Edit), but changes can be made in Explore and Edit modes only.

Maximize a Data Element

  1. Hover over or select the data element.
  2. In the element's inline toolbar, click Maximize element.

Minimize a Data Element

  1. In the page toolbar, click Minimize element.

Want to try it? 

Hover over the embedded bar chart below to display the inline toolbar in the upper-right corner of the element. To maximize the chart and view the underlying data table, click Maximize element. To return to the full workbook canvas, click Minimize element.

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