Data Element Focus View

All data elements have two interactive view modes: the standard view and the focus view. When an element enters focus view, it expands to take up the entire page canvas. 

Focused visualizations and pivot tables show both the element and a table version of the element's data, called the focus view table. The visualization and its focus view table are linked — make a change to one, and the other will react accordingly.

Focused table elements only show a full page version of the table (an additional focus view table would be redundant).

To open an Element's Focus View:

  1. Hover your cursor over the element.
  2. Click the maximize (Screen_Shot_2022-02-02_at_4.30.20_PM.png) button in the element’s in-line toolbar.

To collapse it back to its standard view:

  1. Click the minimize (Screen_Shot_2022-02-02_at_4.31.30_PM.png) button in the page toolbar.

Want to try it?  Hover your cursor over the bar chart below. Then click the maximize element button that appears at the top right corner of the element. This will open the element's focus view.

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