Wrap text

In tables and pivot tables, when your data contains text columns, you can use the wrap text formatting option to display the entire value over multiple lines. Table and pivot table rows may span one or more lines, depending on the length of text.

This does not apply to the name or title of the column.

To wrap the text, follow these steps:

  1. In the table, select the column that has lengthy text entries.
    Here, we selected the column Product.
  2. Click theΒ More (icon for more) icon next to the formula bar, and then select theΒ  Wrap text (icon for wrap text) option.
    How to activate text wrap
  3. The wrapped text column appears.
    Because of the differences in the length of the text field, the Product value wraps over 3 lines for the rows where Product Key is 6 and 8; it only wraps over 2 lines for the other records.
    How text wrap looks in a column