• Organization members assigned to the admin account type have full access to Administration functions.
  • Organization members assigned to the custom account type  with access to a limited set of Admin-level privileges have partial access to the Admin Portal.

Open the Administration page

  1. Click the caret (▼) icon in the top right corner of any Sigma page.
  2. Select Administration.
  3. Use the page tabs on the left side of the window to navigate between Admin Portal pages.
    Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 2.40.30 PM.png

Administration sections

Manage general account settings, including organization name, time zone, integrations, and so on. See Account management.
Manage authentication methods, set custom session timeouts, and restrict email export recipients. See Manage authentication.
Connect to your Cloud Data Warehouse. See Connect to data sources.
Understand your organization's Sigma usage through our dashboards. See Usage overview Usage.
Add and manage organization members. See Manage People.
Create and manage teams and workspaces. See Manage Teams.
Account Types
Manage user account types, create custom account types, and check license type usage. See User account types.
User Attributes
Create and assign user attributes. See User Attributes.
Display your analysis outside of Sigma with embedded analytics. See Workbook Embedding.
See Version Tagging.
Scheduled Exports
Manage your organization's scheduled exports. See Manage Organization Schedules.
Manage your organization's dataset materializations. See Materialization.
Warehouse views
See Review warehouse view details.
APIs and Embed secrets
Introduce your developer team to Sigma's API. See Get Started with Sigma's API.

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