Create an embed for a workbook

This endpoint lets you create an embed for a specific workbook. You can embed an entire workbook, a specific page, or an individual element within a workbook. Embedding enables seamless integration of Sigma content into other applications, websites, or internal platforms, providing a flexible and dynamic way to present and interact with data.

Usage Notes

  • The endpoint requires the workbookId as a path parameter.
  • The body of the request must specify the type of embed (public or secure)
  • The source type (workbook, page, element) must be specified.

Usage Scenarios

  • Web Application Integration: Developers can use this API to generate the embed URL for integration into their application or for display on a public facing webpage.

Best Practices

  • Validate the workbookId and sourceId to ensure they refer to existing resources before attempting to create an embed.
  • Consider the security settings of the embed type to match the integration context, ensuring that data exposure is controlled and appropriate for the audience.
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