Delete a workbook grant

This endpoint deletes a specific grant from a workbook. Deleting a grant revokes the permissions associated with it, ensuring that the specified users or teams no longer have the access rights previously granted.

Usage Notes

  • workbookId: The identifier of the workbook from which the grant is to be deleted. This is a required path parameter.
  • grantId: The identifier of the grant that needs to be removed. This is a required path parameter.

Usage Scenarios

  • Access Revocation: Administrators can use this endpoint to manage and revoke access as team roles or project needs evolve.
  • Security Compliance: Ensures that access to sensitive data within workbooks is tightly controlled and can be promptly adjusted in response to security policy changes or personnel updates.

Best Practices

  • Always confirm the identities associated with both the workbook and grant before proceeding with deletion to avoid accidental revocations.
  • Log and audit all grant deletions to maintain records for security audits and compliance tracking.
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