Run a scheduled materialization for a workbook element

This endpoint runs a scheduled materialization for a specific element within a workbook. Materialization processes the data of the specified element, allowing the data to be stored or cached for optimized access and performance.

For more details on materialization, see [Materialization](

Usage Notes

  • The materialization schedule for the specified element must be created beforehand.

Usage Scenarios

  • Performance Optimization: Use this endpoint to improve response times for frequently accessed workbook elements.
  • Data Refresh: Allows users to manually (programmatically) refresh the data of specific workbook elements to ensure that the latest data is available for analysis and reporting.

Best Practices

  • Prioritize materialization for elements that are heavily used or form critical components of business reports.
  • Monitor the performance impacts of materialization and adjust strategies as necessary to optimize resource usage and response times.
Workbook: Initiate Materialization Job
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