Duplicate a workbook

This endpoint lets you duplicate an existing workbook. The workbook copy can be placed in a different folder from the original workbook, potentially with a different name and description. This is useful for creating workbook templates or backups.

Usage Notes

  • The workbookId in the URL specifies the original workbook to be copied.
  • The destinationFolderId in the body specifies where to place the new workbook.

Usage Scenarios

  • Reuse: Use an existing workbook as baseline for a "one-off" purpose instead of a template.
  • Template Creation: Create a copy of a workbook to serve as a template for future projects.
  • Backup: Make a backup of a workbook before making significant changes. Version tagging is also a useful way to accomplish this.

Best Practices

  • Always verify that the destination folder has the correct permissions set to avoid access issues.
  • When using as a template, ensure that all data connections are correctly configured to prevent data leaks or errors.
Workbook - Copy Workbook to Member "My Documents" Folder
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