List organization translation files

This paginated endpoint lists all the translation files that have been defined at the organization level.

Usage Notes

This endpoint requires no parameters for basic requests, but supports query parameters for pagination and response limit.


This endpoint supports pagination, which lets you retrieve large datasets in manageable segments. The response includes pagination details as follows:

  • hasMore: A boolean value indicating whether there are more pages of data available beyond the current page.
  • total: The total number of entries available across all pages.
  • nextPage: An identifier or token that you can use in a subsequent request to retrieve the next page of data.

Example response for pagination

"hasMore": true,
"total": 104,
"nextPage": "50"

To request additional pages, include the nextPage option in your followup request according to the endpoint's parameter requirements. This process can be repeated until the hasMore option returns false, indicating that no further data is available.

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