Delete a scheduled export for a workbook

This endpoint deletes a specific scheduled export from a workbook. Deleting a schedule prevents any previously configured exports or alerts from being triggered at the scheduled times.

Usage Notes

  • The 'workbookId' in the path is required to identify the workbook.
  • The 'scheduleId' in the path is required to specify which schedule to delete.

Usage Scenarios

  • Cleanup Operations: Use this endpoint to remove unnecessary or outdated schedules that are no longer relevant to the workbook's current use case.
  • Configuration Updates: When a workbook's usage patterns change, corresponding schedules might need to be deleted to align with the new setup.

Best Practices

  • Make sure that deleting a given schedule is in compliance with your organization's data governance and operational policies.
  • Verify the scheduleId and workbookId before making a deletion request to prevent errors.
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