Get workspaces

This endpoint returns a list of all workspaces. You can use pagination and optionally filter by name to manage large datasets.

Usage Notes

  • Pagination: Use the 'page' and 'limit' parameters to control the size and segment of the workspace list returned.
  • Filtering by Name: Optionally, use the 'name' parameter to filter workspaces by their specific names.

Usage Scenarios

  • User Interface Display: Populate a user interface with a list of all available workspaces, using pagination to efficiently load data and filtering to quickly find specific workspaces.
  • Administrative Overview: Provide system administrators with an overview of all workspaces for management and monitoring purposes, with the ability to browse through pages and search by name.

Best Practices

  • Use caching to reduce load times and server demand when frequently accessing workspace lists.
  • Regularly update and synchronize workspace lists to ensure that displayed information is current and accurate.
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