List lineage of a workbook element

This endpoint retrieves the lineage and dependencies of a specific workbook element. It provides a detailed view of how data is interconnected within a workbook, which can be critical for understanding data sources and dependencies.

Usage Notes

  • workbookId: The UUID of the workbook containing the element.
  • elementId: The UUID of the element within the workbook whose lineage is being queried.

Usage Scenarios

  • Data Governance: Allows data managers to track how information is used and propagated through different workbook elements.
  • Debugging and Optimization: Helps in identifying and resolving issues in data processing or in the structure of workbook setups.

Best Practices

  • Use this endpoint to regularly audit workbook structures, ensuring that all data connections and transformations are correct and optimized.
  • Integrate this information into documentation or data dictionaries to enhance transparency and understanding across teams.
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