Create a workbook

This endpoint lets you create an empty workbook in Sigma, letting you start a data analysis project or report without any pre-existing templates or data sources set up.

Usage Notes

  • The name parameter is required to provide a name for the new workbook.
  • The folderId can be used to specify the folder in which to save the workbook. You can get the folderId using the /files endpoint.

Usage Scenarios

  • Project Initialization: When starting a new project that requires data analysis or reporting, users can quickly generate a new blank workbook to begin structuring their data and analyses.
  • Template Preparation: Administrators or team leads might create blank workbooks to set up standardized templates that their teams can use to maintain consistency in data handling and reporting.

Best Practices

  • Naming Conventions: Establish and follow consistent naming conventions for workbooks to make it easier to manage and identify them within larger projects.
  • Folder Organization: Use the folderId to organize workbooks into relevant folders, which helps in maintaining a tidy workspace, especially in environments with multiple users or teams.
  • Access Control: Regularly review and manage access permissions for new workbooks, ensuring that only the appropriate personnel can view or edit sensitive data.
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