Get a workbook

This endpoint retrieves a workbook by its unique identifier (workbookId). It provides detailed information about the workbook, including its name, URL, path, and other metadata. You can use this endpoint to fetch specific workbook details for display or further processing within client applications.

Usage Notes

  • The workbookId parameter must be a valid UUID that uniquely identifies the workbook. Invalid or nonexistent IDs return an error.

Usage Scenarios

  • Data Retrieval: Developers can use this endpoint to programmatically retrieve details about a specific workbook to display its content or metadata in a custom user interface.
  • Integration: This endpoint is crucial for integrations where other systems need to fetch workbook details based on an ID provided through another interface or workflow.

Best Practices

  • Validate the workbookId on the client side before making the request to avoid unnecessary server load caused by invalid requests.
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