Release Notes


  • Introducing Dataset Warehouse Views! Snowflake and BigQuery users with write access enabled can now query Sigma Datasets from within their warehouse. Use the data you've modeled in Sigma anywhere. 
  • Added a "No Data" state to visualizations to make it clearer when charts don't have data to display. 
  • Polished up some styling across the app πŸ’…


  • Table sync got a little better. The effects now propagate in the connection tree. 
  • 🐞 We made it harder to accidentally remove people's access to a Sigma object. You can no longer delete inherited grants in the sharing module. 


  • 🐞Fixed broken data labels on grouped bar charts. 


  • We've tweaked the default chart styling so everything is looking a little nicer. 
  • Chart legend icons now match the chart type.
  • 🐞We now limit the number of ticks on date-time axes on charts.


  • When you click 'Send Now' on a dashboard, we now take into account the filters you've applied, rather than sending the default view of the dashboard. 
  • 🐞Drill-downs are showing on charts on the dashboard again. 
  • 🐞The formula bar auto-complete no longer selects the wrong column.


  • Get your pivot table data in your inbox, on whatever schedule you want πŸ“¨
  • We've added some gravity to the delete warning. We'll let you know if you're about to cause downstream effects. 
  • Picking dates in our calendar picker is a lot smoother now πŸ“…
  • We've always had keyboard shortcuts, and now we tell you what they are. Keyboard shortcut list has been added to the help menu. 
  • When you stack your bar chart as percentages, the data labels also show as percentages. 
  • 🐞If your chart axis only has whole numbers, we only show tick marks and labels for whole numbers. 
  • 🐞 Lots of little fixes in navigational behaviors.


  • Faster Dashboard Loading βš‘
    Sigma now utilizes the native query result caching features of Snowflake and BigQuery to improve dashboard loading times. Learn More
  • Added 'Duplicate Dataset' option in the Dataset header. Because it should be there. 
  • We now check to see if you really want to email everyone on the team when sharing a document. Just in case.
  • If your organization doesn't have materialization set up, the alert on the materialization tab now tells you how to make that happen. 
  • We're getting rid of redundant legends. We now hide legends by default if they don't have anything interesting to say. 
  • We've added some additional formatting options on pie charts. You can now get better precision in your labels.
  • 🐞 When going to a deleted document page, you now see 'Deleted Document' instead of a less helpful error. 


  • Point to Point Sharing
    You can now share worksheets, dashboards, and Datasets directly with your coworkers or with Sigma teams. When you share, you can allow users to view or to edit the object. Learn More

  • Get help! Intercom icon has been replaced with a help center with a bunch of helpful resources. 
  • We're reducing over communication. We'll no longer show the 'Updated Sources' modal if the only change is that a column has been added. 
  • Undo / Redo button will no longer cause the filter drawer to close.
  • 🐞Fixed a categorical color issue with map legends. 


  • We added a lot of tooltips. You should be able to see the full name of your docs. 
  • Pivot tables got some color. Go to the format tab to add a header color. 
  • Legendary! We've added legends to map charts. 
  • You can now reload your dashboard tiles one at a time.
  • Not sure when your dashboard was last updated? Check the footer.
  • 🐞 Fixed a 'Refresh Sources' error that was causing worksheets to fail when underlying datasources were unexpectedly missing. 
  • 🐞 The lineage tab was showing an error whenever an input to the Dataset was archived. We stopped doing that.


  • 🐞 Fixed an issue where you couldn't create new joins after a join key was deleted


  • Parameters on your worksheet can now pass values to the parameters on your worksheet's data sources. Learn More
  • Set your own query timeout limits on your connections. The default is two minutes, but you now have the flexibility to let queries run longer. Learn More
  • Add a calculation to your join key, and join on that calculated column. Learn More
  • Keep scrolling along! You can now scroll through your worksheet while writing a formula. 
  • 🐞 We've put Sundays where you expect them. In the relative date filter, Sunday is at the start of the week. 
  • 🐞 We've made our parsing of SAML asserts more resilient


  • Added a dark theme for tables and pivot tables. Now all your visualizations have a dark side.


  • 🐞 Recents list in the homepage no longer shows recently deleted items. 
  • 🐞 Fixed a sort order bug on the Connection Table pages. Sorting should just work. 


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