This tutorial shows how to separate a name from a domain in email addresses, which is helpful for any company that is working with user data. This functionality is similar to 'Split text to columns' in Google Sheets or 'Left' and 'Right' functions in Excel. There are two main uses for splitting emails:

  • Split for user name to run analysis on each user by name.
  • Split for domain to get the company name, to run analysis by each company. This is a common use case for account-based marketing. Assigning domains to match accounts is is easier this way.

Separate a name from a domain in email addresses

  1. Go to a table with an email column.
  2. Go to an email column. 
  3. Select the drop-down menu on the top right of the email column.
  4. Click Transform > Split Column.
    The Split Email modal opens.

  5. Enter the custom delimiter "@".
  6. Enter 2 as the number of columns.

    After they are split, you can group by user name or by company domain and perform further analysis.

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