Split Name from Domain on Emails

In this example, we'll walk you through a common use case of separating a name from a domain for emails. This is helpful for any company that is working with user data. This functionality is similar to 'Split text to columns' in Google Sheets or 'Left' and 'Right' functions in Excel. There are two main uses for splitting emails:

  1. Split for user name to run analysis on each user by name.
  2. Split for domain to get company name, you may then run analysis by each Organization. This is a  very common use case for Account-Based Marketing, assigning domains to match accounts is made easy through this.
  3. Select the drop-down menu on your email column. Click on 'Split Column' to open up the UI that separates the name from the email.
  4. Split the email by "@". Select 'Custom' for your delimiter, type in the @ symbol, and make sure there are two split columns.
    Once you have these split you can then group by user name or split the domain again to pull organization name.