Viewer and Workbook Anatomy tutorials

Sigma has a video tutorial that shows Viewers how to navigate and use workbook features. In addition, Sigma provides an interactive, introductory Workbook Anatomy tutorial aimed at Creators that covers:

  • Calculations
  • Groupings
  • Column actions - date filtering
  • Data elements
  1. To start a tutorial, go to the workbook Help menu and select Try a tutorial.
  2. What happens next depends on your user account.
    • If your user account is a Creator or Admin,
      Sigma opens the tutorial. Click Start to get going!workbook-anatomy-tutorial.png
    • If your user account is Viewer, a modal opens showing an overview video. Watch the video to see all the actions you can perform in a Sigma workbook. To use the Workbook Anatomy tutorial, underneath the video click Try Creator Tutorial

For your convenience, here is the Viewer tutorial:




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