What's new in Sigma


OAuth write access (Beta)

Configure an OAuth connection with write access to leverage the benefits of OAuth permission management with Sigma’s write-access features, including input tables, warehouse views, workbook materializations, and CSV uploads.

For more information, see Configure OAuth with write access.


Inbound event for bookmark update in embeds

Use the workbook:bookmark:update inbound event to communicate and interact between embedded content and the host application.

For more information, see Implement inbound and outbound events in embeds.

Workbook features

Default version tags

Users with Can edit workbook permission can now designate a tag as the default tag for a workbook. As a result, any user who does not have access to the Published workbook will see the default tagged version. Applying default tags to workbooks with multiple tags results in a more consistent viewing experience.

For more information, see Set a default tag for a workbook.

Bug fixes

  • A user’s Sigma access token now expires when the OAuth access token expires, ensuring the user is logged out when the OAuth session has ended.

  • Updates to filters and sorting in tagged workbook versions are now reflected in exports and no longer trigger errors.