What's new in Sigma


Hide run as recipient

Embeds now support a hide_run_as_recipient parameter that allows you to hide the Run queries as recipient option in the Send Now and Schedule Exports modals. This removes the ability for embed users to configure exports that run queries using the recipient’s permissions and data access. A Hide run as recipient option has also been added to the Embed configurations panel in the embed sandbox.

Embedding workflows UI refresh

The following UI changes have been applied to the embedding workflows in Sigma:

  • Embed types now include Secure or Public. All references to “Application” and “User-backed” embedding have been removed.
  • The former APIs & Embed Secrets page in the Administration portal is now labeled Developer Access. This page displays existing credentials and allows you to create new ones.
  • The former Application Embedding Secret modal (accessible from the Developer Access page) is now labeled Secure Embedding Credentials. This modal displays the client ID and embed secret upon creation.

For information about secure and public embedding, see Create and manage a secure embed and Create and manage a public embed.

Workbook elements

Clear segmented control selection

Segmented control elements now feature a Show clear option setting in the Element properties > Settings tab. Enable this and customize the display label (default “None”) to add an option that allows users to clear the selected control value.