What's new in Sigma


ConvertTimezone function enhancement

The ConvertTimezone function now supports an optional from_timezone argument that allows you to specify the time zone from which the datetime value is converted. This argument can be used when the data’s originating time zone differs from your organization’s configured account time zone.

For more information, see ConvertTimezone.

MakeDate function enhancement

The MakeDate function now supports optional hour, minute, and second arguments that enable more precision when specifying the datetime components.

For more information, see MakeDate.

Workbook elements

Permanent filter icon display

The element toolbar for data elements now includes a filter icon at all times, regardless of whether a filter or control is already applied. This update enables quick access to filtering options for every data element added to the workbook.

Workbook features

Dynamic page visibility (Beta)

Dynamic page visibility allows you to restrict the visibility of individual workbook pages based on specific users and teams. By default, pages are visible to all users with permission to view, explore, or edit the workbook, but you can now choose from three options:

Hide page from all usersHides page from all users when the workbook is open in View or Explore mode.
Show page to all users
Shows page to all users when the workbook is open in any mode.
Only show to select users or teamsShows page to select users and teams when the workbook is open in any mode. Hides page from unselected users when the workbook is open in View or Explore mode.


Page visibility settings apply to View and Explore mode only. The workbook owner and all users with Can edit access to the particular workbook can access all pages in Edit mode, regardless of page visibility settings.

For more information, see Customize workbook page visibility.