What's new in Sigma


View embed URL in Embed Sandbox

When an embed is loaded in the sandbox environment, you can now click a View Url option to display the embed URL.

postMessage event for bookmark creation

The following postMessage event emits when a user creates a bookmark on an embedded workbook:

    type: 'workbook:bookmark:oncreate';
    bookmarkName: string;
    workbookId: string;
    versionTagName: string | null;
    bookmarkId: string;

Workbook elements

Text input control type

The former Text box control element has been renamed to Text input to differentiate it from the Text UI element.

Workbook features

Workbook actions (Beta)

Workbook actions allow you to configure interactivity within and across elements in a workbook. By automating responses to specific user interactions, you can create efficient workbook workflows that produce quick and relevant data insights.

Workbook actions also support dynamic cross-element filtering, which enables user interactions with one element to automatically filter the data of other elements in the same workbook. For example, when a user clicks a data point in one chart (the trigger element), Sigma automatically applies a filter to another chart (the target element) using the dimension value of the clicked data point (see the interactive demo).

For more information about workbook actions, see Create and manage workbook actions and Configure a cross-element filter.

Design improvements for scheduled exports

The Schedule Exports modal has been redesigned to improve discoverability and the overall user experience when scheduling an export.

Underlying data enhancements for visualizations (Beta)

Underlying data is now accessible from individual data points in visualization elements. Right-click and left-click menus for data points both feature Show underlying data options that open an enhanced Underlying Data modal. You can explore the underlying data for specific data points or the entire chart by modifying filters, adding and removing columns, and interacting directly with the chart and data table.

Bug fix

  • Can write only permission set at the connection level no longer blocks additive permissions set at the schema or database table levels.