What's new in Sigma


Expansion to AWS UK and additional language support

Sigma is now deployed in AWS UK in compliance with UK GDPR (Data Protection Act 2018). Located in London, United Kingdom, the deployment gives customers in the UK more control over data storage while enabling compliance with internal policies and external data residency requirements.

To accompany the region expansion, Sigma now supports the English (United Kingdom) (en-gb) locale for enhanced localization. When enabled, dates display as DD/MM/YYYY or Day Month Year, and time displays in the 24-hour format.

Workbook elements

Dynamic element titles

Workbook element titles now support dynamic values. This update allows you to create more relevant and detailed element titles that adapt to selected control values.

For more information, see Create a dynamic title in Customize element title.

Input table row deletion

You can now delete any row (saved or unsaved) when editing an input table in the permitted workbook version (based on element’s data entry permission).

The ability to delete saved rows was previously restricted when the data entry permission was set to Only on Published version. Therefore, users could only delete unsaved rows while editing an input table in a workbook’s published version. This update removes the restriction and allows users to delete any row while editing the draft (via Edit mode) or published version (via View or Explore mode).

Bug fix

  • Sigma now exports a tagged workbook version to Google Drive without requiring recipients to have access to the source workbook.