What's new in Sigma


postMessage event for element errors

Elements that fail to load in embedded workbooks trigger a postMessage event that includes the element ID, message, and API error code.

Workbook elements

Chart and table element descriptions

Add descriptions to chart and table elements and display them as subtitles or tooltips. Go to Element format > Title and select the Show description checkbox to enable and configure the element description.

For more information, see the Create a dynamic title section in Customize element title.

Vertical alignment in text elements

Control the vertical alignment of content in text elements for improved text display. Go to Element properties and choose top, center, or bottom alignment.

Workbook features

Additional entry point to license upgrade request

When a Viewer-licensed user clicks Create New in the side panel, Sigma notifies them that the ability to create workbooks requires an account upgrade. The user can send a request to organization admins, who can then upgrade the user’s license by reassigning them to an account type with Create, edit, and publish workbooks permission.

Bug fixes

  • Sigma now verifies user account type permissions and only sends version tag email requests to users granted the Create, edit, and publish workbooks and Apply tag permissions. Viewer-licensed users (who cannot edit workbooks or apply tags) no longer receive the requests.
  • Initial clicks on list control elements in embedded workbooks no longer cause the iframe display to jump to the top of the workbook.