What's new in Sigma

Filters and controls

Segmented controls

A segmented control is a linear strip of two or more named segments. Each segment acts exactly like a radio button, selecting the matches and excluding other data records. When you have to make selections from a long list of values, segmented controls can be a better option because they provide a smaller subset of relevant values, a more economical dashboard layout, and a nicer overall experience for viewers.

There are two types of segmented controls:

  • Segmented control from a manually-entered list, including a preset list for date-type values; this is not completely arbitrary, because you must have values that select data on the target of the control.
  • Segmented control based on a column in the data source or workbook element; these controls can have a maximum of 5 distinct values, sorted on record count or alphabetically.

Workbook elements

Databricks input table support

Input tables are now compatible with Databricks connections. These dynamic workbook elements support structured data entry that allows you to integrate new data points into your analysis and augment existing data from Snowflake or Databricks.

For more information about input tables and how to use them, see the following documentation:

Checkbox column type in input tables

Input tables now support a Checkbox column type in place of the Logical type. You can no longer add new logical columns, but existing columns are unaffected. To update these to the Checkbox type, open the column menu and select Change column type > Checkbox. True values convert to selected checkboxes, while False values convert to cleared checkboxes.

For more information about changing column types and checkbox data entry, see Create and manage input tables.