What's new in Sigma


New inbound and outbound events in embeds

Use new inbound and outbound events to communicate and interact between embedded content and the host application.

Inbound events:

  • workbook:bookmark:create
  • workbook:fullscreen:update
  • workbook:selectednodeid:update
  • workbook:variables:list
  • workbook:variables:update

Outbound events:

  • url:onchange
  • workbook:bookmark:oncreate
  • workbook:chart:error
  • workbook:dataloaded
  • workbook:error
  • workbook:fullscreen:onchange
  • workbook:id:onchange
  • workbook:pageheight:onchange
  • workbook:pivottable:oncellselect
  • workbook:published

For more information, see Implement inbound and outbound events in embeds.

Workbook features

Sigma documentation in embed elements

Embed Sigma documentation pages in workbooks (using the embed UI element) or any other applications that support iframe content.

For more information, see Embed element.

Bug fix

  • Administrators can no longer circumvent UI restrictions to raise privileges of guest and embed users.