What's new in Sigma

Formulas and operations

ArrayAggDistinct function

The ArrayAggDistinct function identifies distinct non-null row values of a column or group and aggregates them into a single array.

For more information see ArrayAggDistinct.

Record formula support

Use record formulas to generate structured objects (like JSON) directly in workbooks and data models.

When processing structured objects, Sigma preserves individual field data types and enforces type constraints. While this practice ensures data integrity and accuracy, it also allows you to easily access and manipulate object values without performing type conversions.

For more information, see Generate and access structured objects.

Bug fixes

  • In embeds, the workbook:chart:onvalueselect event no longer sends an empty value property.
  • Users no longer encounter false permission errors when accessing permitted tagged workbook versions.
  • Sigma now displays an error when an admin attempts to generate a signed embed URL for a public embed.
  • Bookmark selection for exports is now available only when all attachments are PDF or PNG files.