What's new in Sigma


JavaScript event for saved bookmark

Sigma now listens for the following JavaScript event sent by a user to save a bookmark on an embedded workbook:

      type: 'workbook-bookmark-current';
      bookmarkName: string;
      isDefault: boolean;
      isShared: boolean;

Workbook elements

Map region improvements

Sigma now uses Mapbox to render regions in map elements. This update contributes overall performance improvements, including more precise boundaries for mapped regions.


Due to updated place name specifications, Mapbox may not render some regions in existing maps. Update place names in map element data sources if needed.

Conditional formatting using hidden controls

Conditional formatting rules referencing hidden controls are now applied reliably to visible data elements in embeds and published workbook versions (View and Explore mode).

For more information about hidden controls and filter accessibility, see Create a hidden control.

Bug fixes

  • Selecting the Impersonate user function for a user assigned the Embed member type no longer redirects admins to the Home page.
  • Admins can now successfully update a user’s member type from Internal to Guest.
  • Sigma now emits the workbook:error JavaScript event when an embed user is logged out due to a session timeout.