What's new in Sigma


Updated account type permissions for explore access

Account types now support two permissions that enable users to be granted Can explore workbook permission. These account type permissions determine how users interact with workbooks in specific modes.

  • Basic explore enables users to access View mode with additional capabilities when granted Can explore workbook permission.

  • Full explore (formerly named Explore workbooks) enables Basic explore capabilities in View mode as well as the full scope of user interactions in Explore mode.

For a detailed comparison of user interactions supported by each permission, see Basic explore vs. Full explore.


New templates

The following templates are now available in the Templates > External tab:

  • Google Analytics 4: Offers visibility into GA4 events data not provided by the Google Analytics platform.

  • Plugs Electronics Profit Planning Tool: Leverages Sigma’s latest design features for an improved look and feel.

  • Loan Analysis: Analyzes loan portfolio performance using publicly available loan data from Lending Club.

Workbook elements

Display or hide legends in maps

Map elements now support the ability to display or hide legends. In the Element properties > Legend section, select the Show legend checkbox to display the legend or clear the checkbox to hide it.