What's new in Sigma


New audit log dimension tables (Beta)

The SIGMA_SHARED schema in the Sigma Audit Logs connection now features the following dimension tables containing information about your organization:

TEAM_MEMBERSOrganization team member attributes.
DOCUMENT_ELEMENTSWorkbook element and page attributes.

Dimension tables can be joined with the AUDIT_LOGS table to add context to audit log events.

Workbook elements

Data label improvements in pie and donut charts

Data label responsiveness and positioning have been updated in pie and donut charts to prevent overlap and improve overall readability.

Workbook features

CSV upload on Azure and AWS-EU

CSV upload is now available to Sigma organizations hosted on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services Europe (AWS-EU). For more information, see Upload CSVs.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue that prevented users from deleting hidden pages in workbooks.
  • The embed menu now updates the workbook owner when ownership is re-assigned.