What's new in Sigma

Search and discovery

Searchable metrics

You can now use the search functionality to find metrics saved to datasets and connection tables.

Workbook elements

Color by category in region and geography maps

You can now add chart mark colors by category in Map - Region and Map - Geography visualizations. This update brings parity in color configurations across all map types.

Workbook features

Shared bookmarks

In addition to personal bookmarks, you can now create shared bookmarks that are available to all users with access to the workbook.

Input table edit versioning

If you’re editing an input table in a workbook’s published version (in View or Explore mode) and another user concurrently publishes an updated version of that workbook, you can save your changes to the new version. When you click Save in the input table element, Sigma informs you of the update, and you can choose to load and apply your changes to the latest workbook version.

Input table lineage summary card

In the workbook lineage, input table summary cards now include a Connection field that identifies the connection Sigma uses to write the input table data to the CDW/DBMS.

Bug fixes

  • Use of the API to generate a public embed for workbook elements no longer results in a broken link.
  • Dynamic text now reflects date or number formatting changes applied to the source column.