What's new in Sigma


User-backed embed parameters

New parameters are available for user-backed embed URLs:

use_user_nameDisplays the workbook creator’s name (instead of email) in embed menus and system-generated emails.
first_nameSets the first name of the current embed user.
last_nameSets the last name of the current embed user.

The first_name and last_name parameters must both be applied to replace the default name (β€œEmbed User").

Data modeling

Warehouse views with row-level security

Data elements and input tables with row-level security (RLS) now support warehouse views.

When RLS applies, a warehouse view is created using the permissions of the user who configured it. This user is indicated in the Data permissions field of the warehouse view details.

Workbook elements

Control element label formatting

Label configurations for control elements are now consolidated in the Element format > Label section with the following new options:

Label positionDisplay the element above (Top) or beside (Left) the interactive control UI.
Label widthWhen Left position is selected, customize the width of the label relative to the full element area.

Workbook features

Conditional alerts for data elements and input tables

The element menu now features an Alert more action that opens the Schedule exports modal and auto-populates select fields based on the corresponding data element or input table. This allows you to quickly create a recurring export as a conditional alert to monitor a specific element.

For more information, see Schedule a conditional export or alert.

Bug fixes

  • The PDF export feature now executes successfully in user-backed embeds.
  • Admins can now view all scheduled exports for published and tagged versions at the workbook level. Schedule views are no longer impacted by version permissions granted to users who create the schedules.
  • When a user configures an export for a tagged workbook version and doesn’t have access to the source workbook, the Document version or bookmark field in the Send Now or Schedule Exports modal now defaults to the current version. The field no longer defaults to β€œInvalid selection."