What's new in Sigma


DateLookback function

The DateLookback function returns the value of a variable at a previous point in time (or lookback period) determined by a specified date and offset.

For more information, see DateLookback.

Workbook elements

Period-over-period workflow

Sigma’s guided workflow for building period-over-period analyses provides a quick and convenient way to evaluate performance over time. Generate dynamic period comparisons without entering complex custom formulas, then easily visualize the results to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies.

For more information, see Create and edit a period-over-period analysis

Trellis chart upgrades

Trellis charts have been enhanced with the following upgrades:

  • Improved performance with large datasets
  • Better column and row spacing
  • Scrollable charts and legends
  • Larger minimum panel size
  • Tooltip bug fixes

For more information about trellis charts and how to use them, see Create and format trellis charts.

Workbook features

Bulk column relocation

When interacting with a data element or input table, you can now bulk relocate multiple columns using the Move to action in the column menu. This functionality is available in the Element properties panel and directly in the element.

Bug fixes

  • When the Comparison property is configured in a KPI chart, both the comparison value and label are now hidden if the referenced benchmark or target value is null.