What's new in Sigma


Account type permissions

Account type permissions have been updated to enable more control over user actions in Sigma.

The following permissions were previously restricted to Admin users but can now be assigned to other account types (depending on the license):

  • Manage connections
  • Manage branding settings
  • Download or export now

The following permissions were previously inherent permissions for all users but can now be enabled or disabled for specific account types:

  • Create new workspace
  • Create new folders

Dynamic roles for PostgreSQL connections

Admins can now configure dynamic roles for PostgreSQL connections by selecting a user attribute in the Connection Credentials > Role setting. This allows Sigma to inherit warehouse schema permissions from PostgreSQL, eliminating the need for redundant data security configurations directly in Sigma.


Transient tables for materializations in Snowflake

Workbook materializations now create transient tables in Snowflake. Transient tables are specifically designed for transitory data (like materializations) and have reduced storage costs. For more information, see Snowflake’s documentation on working with transient tables.

Bug fixes

  • The width of the embed menu in embedded workbooks no longer expands and contracts as you scroll through documents with varying title lengths
  • Users can now schedule exports for a tagged workbook version regardless of permissions granted on the source workbook.
  • If you minimize the browser window height while tagging a workbook, the buttons now remain visible in the Set Tag on Version modal.