What's new in Sigma


Embed sandbox URL syntax

Sigma no longer automatically adds colons (:) to separate parameters in the embed sandbox URL.

For example, if you enter param1=value1 param2=value2 in the Other Parameters field, the URL is appended with ?param1=value1&m2=value2 instead of ?:param1=value1&:param2=value2.

Filters and controls

Tabular data in list filters and controls

List filters and controls now support input copied from tabular formats. Copy multiple cell values from Excel, Google Sheets, Sigma tables, etc., and paste them in the Search field. The input is automatically comma-delimited, enabling you to filter it as multiple distinct values.

Workbook elements

Data autofill in input tables

Input tables now support data autofill. Select a cell or range of cells, then drag the fill handle (blue box in the lower right corner of the selection) to highlight adjacent cells you want to populate. Sigma automatically fills the highlighted cell or range with data based on the selected values and patterns.

For text and checkbox columns, Sigma repeats the selected cell values. For number and date columns, Sigma projects values to continue a patterned sequence (like consecutive numbers or incremental dates). If no pattern is detected, it repeats the selected cell values.

Workbook features

Classic layout feature sunset

As part of Sigma’s plan to sunset the classic workbook layout and transition to exclusive use of the newer grid layout, the Revert to Classic Layout option has been removed from Workbook settings > Layout settings. For more information about this update, see the Sigma Community post.

Bug fixes

  • When swapping the source of a tagged workbook version, the Sources of tagged workbook dropdown now excludes connections with a different CDW/DBMS provider as the initial source.