What's new in Sigma

Filters and controls

Regular expression (RegExp) text match filtering

New RegExp text match filters enable you to filter text columns based on specified patterns, including text strings, character classes, ranges, etc. These filters support the RegExp syntax and behavior of the connected CDW or DBMS.

Matches RegExpIncludes values that match one or more specified patterns.
Does not match RegExpExcludes values that match one or more specified patterns.


Use the disjunction operator ( | ) to filter multiple values. For example, abc|xyz filters values that contain “abc" or “xyz."

Workbook elements

Conditional formatting in input tables

Add rules based on specified conditions to format single colors, color scales, or data bars in input table columns. Access conditional formatting in the Element format panel, or open a column menu and select Conditional formatting.

Hyperlinks in input tables

Add hyperlinks to input table columns. In the column menu, select Transform > Set link, then choose a column as the link source or create URLs with a custom formula.