What's new in Sigma


New teams endpoint

GET /v2/teams/{teamId}/members

Returns a list of team members and can be used to identify team admins.

For more information, see Team API.

Workbook elements

Cartesian chart default value formatting

Cartesian charts (bar, line, area, scatter, box, and combo) now display the value axis and data labels with metric abbreviations or SI units when the Automatic format option is applied by default or through manual selection. For example, the value 10,000,000,000 is displayed as 10B. However, if a chart’s source element uses a specific format (number, currency, financial, etc.), the Automatic option inherits the source format.

Y-axis in KPI chart trend lines

KPI chart trend lines can display y-axis grid lines and value labels. To enable the y-axis, go to Element format > Trend and select the Show y-axis checkbox.

For more information about formatting KPI chart trend lines, see Build a KPI chart.

Option to sort null values first or last

When sorting a table column, you can force nulls to be ordered first or last regardless of the selected sort order (descending or ascending). To customize null value sorting, right-click the column header and select Custom sort, then select an option in the Nulls field.

Nulls field options:

DefaultOrders nulls based on the CDW or DBMS method.
FirstOrders nulls at the top of the column.
LastOrders nulls at the bottom of the column.