What's new in Sigma


Version tag permission

When you create a version tag, you can now select a permission level for users or teams: Public or Protected. This gives your organization greater control over who can publish updates to important workbooks exposed to stakeholders and embed customers.

Protected tags allow you to restrict access and select the users or teams that can apply a tag on a workbook. The users must have Can edit permissions for the workbook. Public tags are unprotected, but the user must have Can edit permissions for the workbook as well.

For more information, see Version tagging.


New workbooks endpoint

A new workbooks endpoint is available that returns the list of controls in a workbook.

GET /v2/workbooks/{workbookId}/controls


Version tagging for embed sandbox

Admins can now use version tags with embeds in the embed sandbox. This allows you to test before using them in your production environment.

For more information, see Version tagging and Embed sandbox.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue that prevented workbook page names and order from persisting in Excel exports.