What's new in Sigma


Folder creation permissions

Create new folders permission is now available in Account Types. This permission provides the option to restrict or grant folder creation permissions. To configure this in the Administration portal, go to Account Types > Create New Account Type.

For more information, see User account types.


User-backed embed parameters

We added the following optional parameters for user-backed embeds.

hide_menuIf set to True, hides the menu in the bottom-left for saved workbooks.
hide_sendIf set to True, hides the Send now option in the menu for saved workbooks.
hide_scheduleIf set to True, hides the Schedule exports option in the menu for saved workbooks.

For more information, see User-backed embedding.

Workbook elements

KPI chart replaces Single Value visualization

Sigma's KPI visualization element has replaced the Single Value visualization (SVV) option. While you can no longer create new SVV elements, you can instead build KPI charts for improved single metric analyses. To preserve your saved workbooks and explorations, Sigma will not automatically upgrade existing SVV elements to KPI charts.

For more information about the SVV deprecation and benefits of KPI charts, see the Sigma Community post.

Bug fixes

  • The Lineage Chart now displays the correct information after a data swap in version tagging.