Workbook Warehouse Redirect (Beta)

This feature allows organization admins to redirect workbook data queries to different warehouses in their connected Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW).

Warehouse redirects are applied at the workbook level, meaning they're defined inside the workbook and only affect the workbook on which they are defined. They are not inherited.

This feature is currently in beta.

  • To request access, contact your Sigma Account Representative.
  • Beta features are subject to quick, iterative changes. As a result, this document may not reflect the most current version.

Summary of Content

Redirect a Workbook's Queries
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  • To use this feature, you must be an organization Admin.
  • This feature is only applicable to Snowflake CDWs. 

Redirect a Workbook's Queries

  1. Open the workbook.
  2. Click the caret (▼) icon button to the right of the refresh button in your workbook's header.

  3. Select Configure warehouses.
    This will open the Configure Warehouse modal, which lists all warehouses that are both used as datasources for the workbook and can be redirected. 

  4. To the right of the warehouse you would like to redirect traffic from, enter the new target warehouse name.  
  5. Click Configure Warehouses.

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