Do you want to learn Sigma quickly and have your "aha" moment in minutes? If so, create or sign into your Sigma free trial account, and download the self-paced Hands-On Lab guide (tutorial) to get started. There are no SQL or technical skills needed to take the lab. Using your free trial environment and lab guide, you will:

  • Get oriented in the Sigma user interface
  • Build a Sigma Workbook using demo data
  • Perform data exploration, calculations and analysis
  • Create charts and visualizations
  • Build a custom, interactive dashboard
  • And more....

Download the guide here and if you do not have a free Sigma trial, you can create one here


The lab is intended for use with the Sigma free trial account because it assumes the following:

  • You have the Sigma role of either Admin/Creator (Viewers cannot create content. They can only consume and interact with content built by others)
  • The Sigma account (aka Organization) has access to a connection named “Sigma Sample Database” which contains the tables needed for the lab.

However, the lab does not absolutely require a trial account. If you have a role/account that meets the criteria above, you can complete the lab.

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