IMPORTANT: This document is specific to Sigma's dashboards. To learn about comments for Sigma’s new Workbooks feature, please visit Collaborate with Comments.

You can add comments to your dashboard to provide context for visualizations or controls, solicit feedback, or make requests. Add a quick comment or start a conversation about a dashboard report with your colleagues. 

Summary of Contents

Where is commenting available
Required Permissions
View comments
Hide comments panel
Add a new comment
Edit a comment
Delete a comment
Reply to a comment
Mention a user in a comment
Find your comment notifications
Resolve a comment thread
Reopen a comment thread

Where is commenting available?

Users can now add comments on dashboards. Open up the comment panel to view comments or add your own comment but click on the chat bubble icon in the upper right corner. 


Required Permissions

  • All users (Viewers, Creators and organization Admins) with at least view access to a dashboard can add comments and view existing ones.
  • Only Creators and Admins can tag other users in dashboard comments. 


View Existing Comments

  1. Click on the comment icon at the top right corner of the dashboard page.
  2. A panel will appear on the right side of the dashboard showing a list of all comment threads.Screen_Shot_2020-11-20_at_1.38.23_PM.png


Hide the Comments Panel

  1. Click on the comments icon at the top right corner of the dashboard page.


Add a New Comment

  1. Open the comments panel by clicking on the comment icon at the top right of the dashboard page.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the comments, and click on the text box. Start typing to add your comment.
  3. Click on Comment or press the keyboard shortcut (⌘ + enter on Mac, ctrl + enter on Windows and Linux) to submit your response.


Edit a Comment

Users can only edit their own comments. 

  1. Click on the ••• menu icon next to your comment, and then select the Edit option.
  2. Update the comment. 
  3. Save changes by clicking on “Save changes”.


Delete a Comment

Organization admins have the power to delete any comment. All other user types can only delete their own comments.

  1. Click on the ••• menu icon to the right of a comment. 
  2. Select “Delete”.

If the deleted comment had replies, the replies will still be visible. If it has no replies, the thread will be removed.


Reply to a Comment

  1. In the comments panel, scroll to the comment you wish to reply to. 
  2. Click on “Reply” link underneath the comment on the right hand side.
  3. A text box will appear. Add your response, and hit “Reply” to post it.


Mention a User in a Comment

While adding your comment, you can mention other users. The mentioned users will get an email notification about your comment. 

Organization admins and creators with at least view access to the dashboard can mention other users. Viewers are not allowed to mention other users in a comment.

  1. When adding a comment, type “@” and a list of all users who can be mentioned will appear.
  2. Start searching for a user by typing their name or email. 
  3. Click to select who you want to mention. Or use the arrow keys and press enter or tab.
  4. Once you submit your comment, the user will be notified of the mention. 
  5. If a mentioned user does not have permissions to view the dashboard, a gray box will appear under the comment asking you to grant those permissions. To grant the user view access, click on “Grant view access”. If you do not grant them permission to view the dashboard, they will not receive an email notification.


Find your Comment Notifications

When visiting a dashboard, the number of un-viewed comments on the dashboard is displayed on a counter on top of the comments icon on the dashboard.

When you are mentioned specifically in a comment, you’ll receive email notification. The email will be titled “[Sigma Computing] New Mention on <dashboard name>”.


Resolve a Comment Thread

Resolving a comment thread will remove it from the comments panel immediately, unless the option to “Show resolved threads” is checked at the top of the panel.

  1. The first comment of each comment thread has a check box in the top right corner. Checking it will resolve the entire thread including replies to that comment.


Reopen a Comment Thread

  1. From the comments panel, check the option to “See resolved threads” at its top right.
  2. Scroll to the comment thread you wish to reopen.
  3. Either click on “Re-open thread” or add a reply by clicking on “Reply” at the bottom of the thread. Both actions will reopen the comment thread.



IMPORTANT: This document is specific to Sigma's dashboards. To learn about comments for Sigma’s new Workbooks feature, please visit Collaborate with Comments.